Hosting a Party

Hosting a Party doesn’t have to be complicated and frustrating.  In fact I’m going to show you how here and now. You don’t have to be Consultant or even a customer in order to Host a Party. But you will have to create a Free account.

First you must login make sure you use my url link, other wise I won’t be able to help you.

Then go to the “Tastings’ tab at the top of the page then click on “Host a Tasting” scroll down till you get to the big Green button that says, “Book your party” opens in new page. Then click on “Create my Party”

Fill out the requested information

Yes, I want a Tasting Event!
 Make Party Details Public
I suggest you do not  add your address if you are going to use social media.

“in the field “Are you booking from another party? “enter party Id”. Only if you have ordered previously.

Click on “Create Party” button at the bottom of the page and it will give you your very own custom url link. It will look something like this (

At this point send me a copy of your party url link.

Now use the link advertise it on social media give it to your friends.

Anybody that orders from this link You earn Host Benefits.

  1. As long as you send me a copy of the url link I will advertise it to attempt to get you more customers.

Depending on when you Decided to host your party Thrivelife will give you a date that you must redeem your Hosts Benefits by and to do that just.

Return to (Remember to bookmark it)

Click on “Tastings” then “Party Connect” from there you will be able to redeem your own benefits. If you have any problems contact me and I will help.

Not if but When you decide you want to host a physical party for your friends and Family please contact me!

Why Should you host a Party?

Earn tons of free and half-off groceries when your friends fall in love with the simplicity of Thrive Life

  1. 10% of your total party sales in free product—no minimum
  2. Additional half-price product for reaching certain sale levels.
  3. $100 of product at half price for every guest who books their own party
  4. Triple benefits when customers commit to at least 3 recurring deliveries in 90 days or less – Get benefits on their first delivery amount times 3!
  5. A double dip promotion lets you count an order you placed at another party toward your own sales at the party you host.

THRIVE is Convenient

Stop wasting time:

  • Washing fruits & vegetables
  • Chopping, slicing, and dicing produce
  • Removing fruit rinds, seeds & pits
  • Thawing and browning meats
  • Breaking and separating eggs
  • Weekly trips to the grocery store


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