Ladder like no other

Have you ever fallen off of a ladder? Was it because of a faulty ladder?

and were you made to believe that it was your fault because you were over reached or lost your grip.


Several years ago I stumbled on to the greatest ladder ever built and I will not ever go back to those flimsy p.o.s. type ladders. You see I was working in the construction industry or should we say the roofing, Siding & Window industry. When I first started we were using five or six different ladders extension & step ladders and not only did we have to haul them around from one job site to another but we had to wonder if we were  going to fall off of them every day. You see although step ladders are made for a person to climb they are not made for a person to work off of,. I mean think about it you have to maintain a 3 point contact on a ladder at all times that usually allows for only one hand or food free to do any type of work.  and that is usually only if the ladder is on very flat surface maintaining a 4 point contact with the floor. Anyways on to my point one  day after seeing several employees literally fall off of said step ladders I did some research and talked to the local sales rep at our supply company they sold me a Little Giant ladder system. The very next day we put it to use and could tell right a way that was much safer and durable than the regular step ladders that are mass produced. We finished several jobs and quickly invested in another little giant ladder so that two people would have the dexterity and safety and quiet frankly the employees were fighting over who was going to use it for the day.  So we got two little Giant ladder systems now to my amazement the other step ladders and some of the extension ladders started to pile up in the shop because they were not being used. These ladders are versatile they take the place of 6ft step ladder all the way up to 12ft step ladders. and also 12ft to 28ft extension ladders just one ladder and you have multiple ladders at your disposal with just a few setting. Now add on the attachments and the possibilities are endless and cost saving.


Several years have passed there have been no injuries from falling off ladders. I now have my very own little giant 28ft ladder for all my around home projects and it stores neatly in the corner fits comfortably in the bed of a pickup, minivan or can even be hung out of a car trunk. The point is it has been one of the smartest things I have ever done. And If you ever try to take it from me you will have to pry it out of my cold dead hands. But if you ask I’ll let you borrow it!
For over 45 years Little Giant Ladders have been the #1 choice of homeowners and contractors throughout the world. Only the Little Giant Ladder System offers the convenience and flexibility of 33 traditional ladders in 1 versatile ladder system.
Little Giant Ladder Systems (1592463)
Type 1A Revolution XE Ladder
Revolution Ladder – Type 1A

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