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This year Thrive Life has done the absolute most amazing thing ever!

Two New Snackies Cashew Chew & Strawberry Pina Colada

Two New Simple Plate Meals Chicken and Dumplings & Grilled Chicken Tacos with Refried Beans.



Brand New Product line that will revolutionize and make Thrivelife a house hold product everyone will want in their kitchen.
Called TO GO
Chicken Fajita,

A mix of grilled chicken, red and green bell peppers, onions, and fajita seasoning, you can skip the drive-thru and munch on your favorite Tex-Mex dish anywhere!

Chicken Salad,

A mix of chopped chicken, celery, and onions. Just add water for a picnic favorite you can enjoy anywhere!


Island-Style Pork

A mix of pulled pork, pineapple, onions, and island seasoning. Just add water for a smoky pulled pork sandwich you can enjoy anywhere!

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I’m Thinking

I’m Thinking of getting a dress for my daughter who will be turning 20 this year and will be needing more of a formal work attire. I would like to pick your brain and get your ideas so that I don’t screw this up.

I think the Blue one is nice but the v neck might be to much for work attire

The grey one seems a little to see through and the white one well might be a little to short.

She is pursuing a more of an office type work where she can hide for she is very shy.

any ideas would be much appreciated

Thank you for taking the time to read this


Father of five boys and only one girl



Formal in You

Have you ever had a Formal suit?

If you have then you know what its like to go to the tailor and get measured. What if you could do it all online and have your suit delivered to you door. Well now you can


Buy Factory Direct at one of the largest suit outlets in the country and save 70% everyday of the week. We stock over so many suits and carry the worlds most famous brands with prices that will shock you. Our company’s mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality products at the lowest prices possible.

1. We have a wide selection of suits in stock, with new suits arriving weekly.
2. We have a tailor on premises for Same Day Alterations.
3. Suits from chain store, department stores, or warehouses concentrate on the “mass markets”. These outlets will sacrifice exceptional quality in order to manufacturer a cheaper (and inferior) product. Truly exceptional mens suits are only found in upscale boutique and specialty mens stores

At Men’s USA we cater to income men by offering quality merchandise at everyday low prices. Because we concentrate on men’s “wear-to-work” business attire which is characterized by infrequent and more predictable fashion changes, we believe we are not as exposed to trends typical of more fashion-forward apparel retailers, where significant markdowns and promotional pricing are more common. In addition, because this inventory mix includes “business casual” merchandise, we are able to meet demands for such products resulting from the trends over the past decade toward more relaxed dress codes in the workplace. We also have added new casual clothing/sportswear to our stores. We strive to provide a superior level of customer service by training our sales personnel as clothing consultants and offering on-site tailoring services in each of our locations. We believe that the quality, value, selection and service we provide to our MensUSA customers have been significant factors in enabling us to consistently gain market share within both the U.S. and Canadian markets for men’s tailored apparel. We are imparting our love, knowledge, and creativity to others in order to keep beauty and a sense of aesthetics and its history alive. There are the art forms of too many generations at stake here. We feel compelled and responsible to pass it along. Our staff is eager to help our clients and are professional wardrobe consultants.

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How awesome is Thrive food?

What’s so great about THRIVE foods?

It depends on what’s important to you. If you’re a health nut, it’s the fresh taste, high quality standards, and natural health of our foods. If you’re looking to get a quick, nutritious, and tasty meal on the table it’s the convenience and versatility we offer.

No matter what part of mealtime’s most important to you, THRIVE has something great to offer. learn more about a few of the reasons our foods bring smiles to the dinner table, and discover what you’ll gain when you choose THRIVE.

It’s obvious that eating THRIVE is better for you than chowing down on processed or fast food. But have you thought about how THRIVE stacks up against the grocery store? THRIVE foods typically keep their fresh taste and nutrients better than their produce aisle counterparts, and they aren’t full of harmful additives and preservatives. You can rest easy knowing that THRIVE is the healthy choice for your family.

When you pick up a can of food at the store, do you know where it comes from, or what standards of quality it was held to? With THRIVE, you can. We painstakingly pick the very best products out there so you don’t have to. You can be confident that every can contains only foods with the flavor, taste, color, and appearance that will create the best possible eating experience.

Food should be made to fit your lifestyle—not the other way around. That’s why THRIVE gives you the simple ingredients for you to make food exactly the way you want it. You don’t even have to worry about what’s in season! Our foods are made to go anywhere and do anything you can, so here are just a few of the many ways you can get creative in the kitchen with THRIVE.

As easy as Simple Plate meal are they are designed to get you into cooking with Thrivelife foods. And can be easily made with individual products

Ladder like no other

Have you ever fallen off of a ladder? Was it because of a faulty ladder?

and were you made to believe that it was your fault because you were over reached or lost your grip.


Several years ago I stumbled on to the greatest ladder ever built and I will not ever go back to those flimsy p.o.s. type ladders. You see I was working in the construction industry or should we say the roofing, Siding & Window industry. When I first started we were using five or six different ladders extension & step ladders and not only did we have to haul them around from one job site to another but we had to wonder if we were  going to fall off of them every day. You see although step ladders are made for a person to climb they are not made for a person to work off of,. I mean think about it you have to maintain a 3 point contact on a ladder at all times that usually allows for only one hand or food free to do any type of work.  and that is usually only if the ladder is on very flat surface maintaining a 4 point contact with the floor. Anyways on to my point one  day after seeing several employees literally fall off of said step ladders I did some research and talked to the local sales rep at our supply company they sold me a Little Giant ladder system. The very next day we put it to use and could tell right a way that was much safer and durable than the regular step ladders that are mass produced. We finished several jobs and quickly invested in another little giant ladder so that two people would have the dexterity and safety and quiet frankly the employees were fighting over who was going to use it for the day.  So we got two little Giant ladder systems now to my amazement the other step ladders and some of the extension ladders started to pile up in the shop because they were not being used. These ladders are versatile they take the place of 6ft step ladder all the way up to 12ft step ladders. and also 12ft to 28ft extension ladders just one ladder and you have multiple ladders at your disposal with just a few setting. Now add on the attachments and the possibilities are endless and cost saving.


Several years have passed there have been no injuries from falling off ladders. I now have my very own little giant 28ft ladder for all my around home projects and it stores neatly in the corner fits comfortably in the bed of a pickup, minivan or can even be hung out of a car trunk. The point is it has been one of the smartest things I have ever done. And If you ever try to take it from me you will have to pry it out of my cold dead hands. But if you ask I’ll let you borrow it!
For over 45 years Little Giant Ladders have been the #1 choice of homeowners and contractors throughout the world. Only the Little Giant Ladder System offers the convenience and flexibility of 33 traditional ladders in 1 versatile ladder system.
Little Giant Ladder Systems (1592463)
Type 1A Revolution XE Ladder
Revolution Ladder – Type 1A

Hosting a Party

Hosting a Party doesn’t have to be complicated and frustrating.  In fact I’m going to show you how here and now. You don’t have to be Consultant or even a customer in order to Host a Party. But you will have to create a Free account.

First you must login make sure you use my url link, other wise I won’t be able to help you.

Then go to the “Tastings’ tab at the top of the page then click on “Host a Tasting” scroll down till you get to the big Green button that says, “Book your party” opens in new page. Then click on “Create my Party”

Fill out the requested information

Yes, I want a Tasting Event!
 Make Party Details Public
I suggest you do not  add your address if you are going to use social media.

“in the field “Are you booking from another party? “enter party Id”. Only if you have ordered previously.

Click on “Create Party” button at the bottom of the page and it will give you your very own custom url link. It will look something like this (

At this point send me a copy of your party url link.

Now use the link advertise it on social media give it to your friends.

Anybody that orders from this link You earn Host Benefits.

  1. As long as you send me a copy of the url link I will advertise it to attempt to get you more customers.

Depending on when you Decided to host your party Thrivelife will give you a date that you must redeem your Hosts Benefits by and to do that just.

Return to (Remember to bookmark it)

Click on “Tastings” then “Party Connect” from there you will be able to redeem your own benefits. If you have any problems contact me and I will help.

Not if but When you decide you want to host a physical party for your friends and Family please contact me!

Why Should you host a Party?

Earn tons of free and half-off groceries when your friends fall in love with the simplicity of Thrive Life

  1. 10% of your total party sales in free product—no minimum
  2. Additional half-price product for reaching certain sale levels.
  3. $100 of product at half price for every guest who books their own party
  4. Triple benefits when customers commit to at least 3 recurring deliveries in 90 days or less – Get benefits on their first delivery amount times 3!
  5. A double dip promotion lets you count an order you placed at another party toward your own sales at the party you host.

THRIVE is Convenient

Stop wasting time:

  • Washing fruits & vegetables
  • Chopping, slicing, and dicing produce
  • Removing fruit rinds, seeds & pits
  • Thawing and browning meats
  • Breaking and separating eggs
  • Weekly trips to the grocery store


Are you happy? Are you healthy? Would you like to be?

When it comes to most mlm’s they offer products or services that either accumulate or becomes obsolete. So you can imagine my amazement when I found Thrivelife. Their products are food: food that you and I eat every day. I don’t put Thrivelife in the same category as Mlm why because they are so much better and offer so much more.
Thrivelife cares about the people they serve therefore their food goes through a regorious screening procees. Before it gets excepted and freeze dried.
Thrivelife offers GMO Free, Gluten Free, non hydrogenated, and allergy free. Their foods are grown by select farmers that adhere to strict growing practices or they are not excepted.
Thrivelife has and is working with farmers to get them Organically certified. And if you know anything about the process it can be an expensive and daunting process that no one should have to go through. To sell the very best products they can. Get yours now at
Sign up for your own account order a few products and try them out. I know you will fall in love just like I did.
When you’re ready I would love to help you grow your own business.
Thanks for reading my post I’m not a writer or a master business.I am however a husband and father or six wonderful children that I care about and want them to know that this world that we live in today is full of smoke and mirrors.
Improve your health for YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!!