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Thrive Life – The Business that will keep you Fed.

If you know me, or my wife then you know that Thrive Life foods helped us get healthier.

At the time my wife was in and out of the hospital regularly she was on 34 different medications prescribed by those people you trust. Today she is off every single one of those medications How you ask? By eating Healthier. (It is true you know “you are what you eat”).

One day She was so out of it that I took her into the Hospital and she had to have 4 pints of blood. (They kept her for two days) and had surgery a couple days later during that time In between hospital visits I researched and found Thrivelife (formally known as Shelf Reliance).

On arrival of our first Shipment from Thrive Life we proceeded to go through our existing stock of food and literally threw it out yes you heard me everything that had chemicals, artificial flavors, and GMO’s.Yes, we literally threw out everything we had we simply started to read the labels 90% of the food you purchase at a grocery store is made / packaged with chemicals, if that isn’t bad enough 80% of your food contains GMO’s.

We attempted to go 100% organic at one point but Searching for and storing Organic food was too costly and time consuming. I mean running to the farmers markets and only finding a few things that we will/ want to eat. Same with the quality of the food in the stores. either way thrive opened a door for us to eat healthier and now it is our turn to offer thrive to you


They say that you shouldn’t get into a network marketing company unless you 100% unreservedly love everything about them.” And you know what, We Do Love everything about Thrivelife.

Quality of Thrive life foods:

Yes, Thrivelife has Certified Organic Foods only a few though.

But it’s more complicated than you might expect it to be.

You see getting and maintaining an organic Certified farm is a lengthy and expensive process. That not all farmers are able to acquire easily. You can grow fruits and vegetables using all the organic means you want but at the end of the day USDA owns the Organic label and They must go thru the long and Expensive process to get Certified Organic.

So, the next time you buy organic fruits & vegetables at the grocery store, and you start to pat yourself on the back for paying “the real price of food” remind yourself that you’re actually paying the real price of bureaucracy.

Here’s what Thrive life’s website has to say about their pesticide levels:

“Our foods are fully cleaned and tested before they are packaged to ensure there are no foreign particles or contaminates. Those that are not certified organic may have been produced with fertilizers and pesticides: however, products are tested for pesticides and must fall below the EPS’s required levels. Often, our products test negative for any trace of pesticides.”

Legally that is as close as they can come to saying. We don’t use Pesticides.

As you may have guessed, it is nothing short of exemplary. All their produce is flash frozen within 12-24 hours of harvesting, which locks in the nutrients right at their peak ripeness – something you don’t get at the grocery store!

That peak ripeness factor also leads to peak flavor,


What about cost-effectiveness?:

It is often the consensus that Thrivelife foods are expensive So why on Earth would I want to Recommend them to everybody?

That’s where this whole multi-level marketing thing comes in.

It is confusing, and some head scratching is necessary to figure it out.

So please stay with me while I try to explain the simplicity of it all. Let’s start with the products they are peeled, seeded, chopped, sliced, diced, grated and They are flash frozen, dried, and thrown into a can with an oxygen absorber. No need for preservatives. Meaning that once rehydrated and eaten you literally have zero waste.

Freeze-dried food is very light so let’s take a can of Chopped Chicken and use it as an example: I’m not going to use the exact price for it changes quarterly and during sales so let’s say it costs $42 for a #10 can and only weighs 1.8lbs and has 22 servings. Per USDA standards. So, once you add water back in to it, it’s equivalent to 8-10 pounds rehydrated. You say it’s still not cheap correct well lets explain a little more.

Because Thrivelife is based on a multi-level marketing platform and because Consultants are not Employees. Here is how this works.

As a consultant, we earn back 10% of everything we order, which brings that $42 price tag down to $37.80. Then I attach it to a party, so that I earn another 10% back in free product, bringing the price down to $33.60 And if the party is big enough (sold a certain dollar amount), I also earn half off product with it. You can see being a consultant is awesome

Not to mention, we weren’t the only people to buy under that party we hosted, so we earned 10% and half off back on everything they ordered, which likely made my whole order free. Thrive also offers a special Double dip promotion to all customers and double’s their benefits based on their first order as well. Just a bonus that very few take advantage of.

Ok not everyone is a consultant? How can they save money?

To start with they sign up for the Preferred Delivery service or “Q” this way they get free shipping on Preferred items but don’t stop there they can also save an additional 5% by purchasing items by the case. And of course, doing so while items are on sale could save them thousands a year.

Preferred members and regular customers can also host parties to earn free and half off food.

To me a Party is just one on one talking to someone about Thrivelife foods. To others a Party is more the classical invite of a bunch of friends over and try to sell them Thrivelife Foods an in-person party. See the difference. All Consultants and Hosts do things Differently some have parties, some have group meeting, and others have social media parties whether Facebook, Instagram, pintrest or other form of social media. They do what they love, know, understand, and expand as they grow. The main thing is everyone of them are Excited about Thrivelife products just ask they will tell you!

“The Delivery Service or Q” which is basically a monthly subscription to a certain amount of Thrive Life products each month. You choose the product, you choose when and how much just like shopping at the store only you are ordering online and you can order a few months in advance so your food will arrive like clockwork. The Delivery service or “Q” does come with a commitment and is well worth having. You also earn points back that you can use to purchase free products and get the Monthly “Q-pon” prices. It also comes with a Free lifetime membership to the Delivery Service/ Q club.

     “Great! The hostess then received 10% of that spend back in free product. $100x 3 months equals $300 x 10% = $30.

If two people signed up with that amount, she’d get $60 in free product, and because her party is now over $500, she’d get $60 at half off.

Of course, she probably signed up on the Q from another party (or a blog post like this one, and the hostess from that party got those benefits from her sign up, right? Right. But so does she. It’s called “double dipping” Where if you get on the Q, and book your party from that party, you get to add the spend from your Q at her party, to your party as well. (anyone who gets on the Q under me gets attached to a party so he or she can double dip) So if you set up a $100 Q, you’d immediately be entitled to $30 in free product.

I told you this is confusing.

I reach a lot of people all over the United states, Canada, and Hawaii. I am an internet marketer you see. I have never held a formal Party like everybody else and the reason I don’t isn’t because I don’t want to it’s because it’s out dated. Ok I understand that vacuum sales people and Tupperware have had its place but that was all pre-internet. And I understand that If you can pull it off go for it. But honestly, I like ordering food in the middle of the night in my PJ’s and having it arrive at my door step a few days later. After all who wouldn’t! Right!